Our Brands

BELUX is the RG leading cosmetics brand, For more than 20 year Belux care has set the best standards for cosmetic products. Belux not only works to deliver you the best products. But also helps you be more economic by delivering you the fair price, more over the eco-friendly production standers are fully applied to the Belux range products.

Belux care consists of four main category Baby care, Men care, Woman care and Family care.


SPEED is the RG detergent and cleaning brand, its well known as sponges brand worldwide, with more than 30 different sponge product, for the last 10 years speed brand expanded to cleaning and detergents reaching more than 30 products for kitchen and home cleaning indoor and outdoor detergents.


ACORD range cleaning product is one of the oldest brands for Renksan Group, its well know for the sponges for more than 25 years, Acord cleaning is an economic brand that includes and not limited to sponges, soaps, smells and air fresheners, bathroom detergents etc.


Floppy is not just a products, it’s a promise, its not just a bags, it’s the elegant product you desire to own, the premium quality from floppy made it one of the well known products from bags in Europe and Asia, with more than 20 products.