Sales and marketing intern (3-6 months)

Sales and marketing intern (3-6 months)

  • The duties of the sales and marketing interent is to promote the company’s products and brands by making direct communication between the company and the targetd customer/regions, whether by speaking face to face or through various comunication channels such as telephone, whatsapp and social media.
  • The traniee in the profession of sales and marketing must explain the company’s products and brands in detail to the potintial customers and try to attract  them towards the company’s products.
  • The traniee goals must be identified according to the company’s marketing policy and conditions, the plans and goals that he seeks during his training (3-6 months) is very necessary to follow up on the results later, also it will be used to evaluate his performance during that period.



Duties of Sales and marketing intern

  • Building relationships and permanent communication with current and potential clients.
  • A detailed explanation of all the company's products and brands, and encouraging customers to purchase them.
  • Paying attention to customer problems and assisting in solving them, and transferring complaints and suggestions to the company's management.
  • Preparing clear work plans (daily/weekly/monthly) and making periodic improvements and progress.

required skills:

  • To be a recent graduate and maximum 24 year.
  • Tact and good conversation with customers.
  • Accuracy in work and pay attention to detail.
  • Communication skills and the ability to build relationships with various clients.
  • The high ability to memorize and remember to not forget the important details.
  • self confidence and knowledge of the best party to convince the buyer of the product/brand offered by the company.
  • The applicant should be at least fluent in English language.

High-rated interns has an advantage in open future positions.


How to apply

Send a copy of your CV to: